Repeater Stations



50 Watt continuous full duty cycle operation
This repeater looks as good as it performs. A rugged heatsink, large cooling fans and a high performance power module provide the repeater with a stable 50W at full duty cycle operation.
Automatic battery backup system
A built-in backup system supports automatic switching to an external power supply (13.6V DC) if the AC power supply fails.
Multiple CTCSS & DTCS tone memories with multiple memory channels
Up to 16 CTCSS/DTCS tones (TX/RX tones respectively) can be programmed in a channel. This feature allows you to share a channel with multiple user groups. You can also give priority/exclusive use to a specified group simply by programming different tones to another memory channel. Ideal for many different applications.
Built-in 2-Tone, 5-Tone, DTMF encoder & decoder
Multiple signaling systems are equipped as standard. These systems are fully compatible with Icom F-series radios.
Internal space for duplexer and isolator
The repeater has an internal space to install a duplexer and isolator.
The controls of the duplexer are accessible from the front of the repeater without disassembly.
Faster and easier maintenance and adjustment is possible.
* Ask your dealer for details about available duplexers and isolators.
Telephone interconnect capability DTMF remote control capability
You can control the repeater from a remote location over the air or over a phone line with DTMF.